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Advanced Marketplace Reconciliation Dashboard

  • Just listing, Integrate Marketplaces and Process Orders from dashboard.
  • Manage all orders, Inventories, Accounting with ease.
  • Business Intelligence Systems for evaluating your data.
  • Covers everything from single dashboard.

Listing Management

  • Upload once and list everywhere.
  • Single new item listing.
  • Bulk new item listing in a centralized workflow.
  • Reduce the time spent managing multiple sales channels.

Inventory Management

  • Automated inventory sync Worldwide.
  • Stock item filters.
  • Full inventory visibility.
  • Real-time Sync Inventory across channels.
  • Elegant interface.

Centralized Order Management

  • Centralized order management to automate operations at multiple channels.
  • Generation of manifested stock check reports.
  • Centralized order management and bulk order processing.
  • Track inventory levels, prepare sales and purchase orders of your company.

Get More Sales with Marketplace Ads

  • Boost Your Sales with Targeted Product Ads.
  • Advertise your products with Sponsored ads on top Marketplaces.
  • Get Free consultation on Marketplace promotions and listing.
  • View sales reports in various forms.

Logistics Management

  • Generate Shipping Labels using Integrated Couriers.
  • Handle your shipping processes with single platform.
  • Pick up time schedule.
  • Pickup confimation.

Seller Problems

Payments Gateway

High Payment Processing fees & delay in transaction process is the major issue while selling Internationally.

Logistics and Reverse Logistics

High Shipping cost and return logistics is a major drawback in Cross-Border E-Commerce

Cataloging & Promotions

Cataloging, Language Translation and Marketing considered as a big issue while International Selling.

Seller Solutions

International Expansion
  • New Markets
  • Diversification
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Make Global Brand
  • Low prices on shipping
  • Pick & Drop Facility
  • Global Warehouse
  • Return Management
Brand Awareness
  • Blog and Article Promotion
  • Posting on Social Signals
  • AD Campaigns
  • Email Marketing