Adrak Chai (25 Tea Bags)
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  • Tea with Ginger - Adrak Chai
  • Double chamber string & tag.
  • Acts as immune-modulator for the human body.
  • Pack of 25 tea bags individually foil wrapped.
The flavourful presence of Ginger is known to all. Fuse it with a hot cup of Desi chai and you have the tastiest cup of all! Girnar’s Adrak Chai is tastefully blended to make a cup of robust strong chai with a touch of earthy Ginger whose subtle spiciness lingers on the palate. Desi Chai with the tasteful presence of Adrak this brew leaves your body and mind refreshed! All this without any time lag. Take a cup of steaming water and dip this tea bag. Top it up with milk and sugar if you don't like it black. ~ Just Dip and Sip ~

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