5 MUKHI Rudraksh Bracelet for Men

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Bullet Point 1:
Rudraksha bracelet measuring 7-8 inch in total.
Bullet Point 2:
It will affect all the pressure points chakra of the human body and maintains a distinct balance.
Bullet Point 3:
It improves physical and materiel benefits.
Bullet Point 4:
t gives Protection from All kind of s

Five mukhi rudraksha symbolizes pancheswar and also provides another form of shiva- kaalagni. Five mukhi rudraksha is ruled by the planet jupiter and it helps in enhancing the memory. The wearer of this rudraksha is always at peace has a strong memory and utilizes his/her learning appropriately. The five mukhi rudraksha is one of the most common of all rudraksha beads. It destroys the five main sins: kama (Lust) krodha (Anger) lobha (Greed) moha (Attachment) and ahankar (Unwanted Ego). The wearers of five mukhi rudraksha are known to get maximum physical and materialistic benefits. There are a lot of documented proofs proving the effectivity of wearing a panchmukhi rudraksha.the five mukhi rudraksha affects all the pressure points "chakra" of the human body and maintains a distinct balance.