Surprising Health Benefits Of Lettuce, White Cumin Seeds (Tukh-Me-Kahu)



Hello, everybody, you are most welcome on our blog of Jioo Organics. Hope you will like our blog posts, on a very ancient and Ayurveda herbal seed which is known by different names in Ayurveda Unani medicines systems and as well as different parts of India which are as follows.


According to Ayurveda, the particular Kahu seeds, (Lettuce Seeds) have a fresh efficacy (Taseer) in nature. These seeds are white, greenish-white or grayish-white in color which depends upon different species and local conditions where it is been grown all over the world as these seeds are derived from lettuce leaves (Salad Patta) only.

Basically, Kahu seeds (Lettuce Seeds) are tasteless, or some of them are slightly bitter in taste depending upon their origin because of which they can be consumed in various healthy diet plan recipes different kitchen recipes or several combinations in Ayurveda.


Lactuca sativa Linn.
English Name : Lettuce, White Cumin Seeds
Arabic Name : Khass
Bengali Name : Kahu
Urdu Name Tukhme Kahu
Kannada Name : Hakkarike, Saleet
Hindi Name : Kahu, Salad
Chinese Name : Wo chu, Tzu chu
Punjabi Name: Kahu
French Name : Laitue Cultiv
German Name : Salat, Gartensalat, Lattich
Gujarati Name : Kahu
Latin name : Lactuca sativa Linn.
Marathi Name: Kahu
Persian Name: Kahu

Benefits Of Lettuce Seeds (Tukh-me-Kahu)

As every herb in Ayurveda has its plenty of benefits, Kahu seeds (Lettuce Seeds) are known for its own which are as follows.

  1. It can reduce Abdominal Bloating.
  2. It can improve overall urinary tract health and can help in the proper function of urination.
  3. It can be recommended for whole Stomach healing.
  4. One of the most popular and frequent uses of Kahu in day to day life by our parents Ayurveda practitioners, Unani Hakeem is for lactating women’s as it plays an important role for them to increase the flow of milk.
  5. Kahu can be consumed with Shatavari powder to enhance its benefits for lactating mothers.
  6. As it has Significant amounts of vitamins A and K, it is Anti-anemic
  7. It can improve bone health
  8. It can Relieve constipation

In most of the studies, Kahu seeds are recommended in 3-6 grams per day.

Side Effect
One of the major side effects of Kahu seeds is only when it is been used in a higher dosage can reduce thinking ability.

The above statement has not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any type of disease and the information about this is procured from ancient Ayurveda studies as per best knowledge.